Southerly is out of lockdown!

After suspending publication for all of 2020 and most of 2021, we are delighted to announce that Southerly is in production again. Issue 79.2: Writing Through Fences—Archipelago of Letters is now available in print and digital formats, and 79.3: The Way We Live Now is currently in production for release in December as an online issue.

The Southerly website has been thoroughly revamped to make for easier access and smoother running. This is a work in progress – recent issues and their associated Long Paddock content have been made properly accessible once more, along with shop and subscription functions – but the site has many, many wonderful pieces of work that our new site administrator, Daniela, is working to make more easily available. If there is a particular piece that you know has been posted but you are currently unable to find on the site, please don’t hesitate to contact Daniela using the following link: Website feedback report – Southerly (you can find a link to this form on the bottom of each page of the website) – she will dig it out for you and send it your way, and this will also help her prioritise repairs. Daniela would also be grateful to hear (using the same link) from users about any problems of site functionality, pages with stray bits of code showing up, etc.

1 thought on “Southerly is out of lockdown!

  1. Such a great magazine. I thought that Covid had meant the end for Southerly. So pleased you are back!

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