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December Monthly Blogger – Best Southerly Blogs of 2016

Many thanks to Nic Low for a fantastic month of blogging. To see out 2016, this month we’re featuring some of our most visited blogs posts of the year. We’ll be back in January 2017 with more great blogs and bloggers, beginning with Roanna Gonsalves author of The Permanent Resident.    2016 in review: Luke Beesley, ‘Poets in Cars, An Interview with Nicholas Powell‘ Eileen Chong, ‘Eileen Chong Interviews Eileen Chong‘ Kate Fagan, ‘Into the Interior‘ Liam Ferney, ‘10 outrageous things that happened in poetry in 2015. You won’t believe what number 6 is!‘ Nic Low, ‘The secret history of Australia’s…

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The Good Book

©Bruce Pascoe 2016 George Augustus Robinson was as randy as a turkey and twice as vain. He fornicated with the wives of his friends, the daughters of clergymen, the wives of the people he promised to save. Oh, the power of the good book and its promise of holiness. Or maybe he was just a terrific root. Or the soldiers and clergymen on whose women he preyed were too pissed to notice. George was on a mission, a Friendly Mission. He got friendly with the wife of one of the officer’s on Flinders Island while the man was away. In…

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Art, Australia and Good Hearts

© Bruce Pascoe 2016 At the Bundanon Festival at the weekend I was able to go through the Boyd’s house and see all the art, the walls of books, the great bowls and dishes of a wealthy family. Thinking about art and wealth I walked over the property and wondered about my country and what it values and who it celebrates. I found some cousins and sat down with them on the grass and talked family, country, politics and culture. And laughed. The great Aboriginal safety valve. When they left to perform an opening ceremony I watched them and watched…

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Peaceable Kingdom

‘And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid and the calf and the lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them out of the wilderness.’

I grew up with this story, heard it in church, seen it as pictures on my aunties’ walls and assumed it was just another of those Christian aphorisms for peace and kindness so loved of the church that also loved beheading Africans who dared believe in another God, or worse still, tried to hang on to their land.

Cry for my Heart, Dance for my Soul

by Bruce Pascoe I’ve been on boats and trains and plains all around the country supporting my book, Dark Emu, and the idea that Aboriginal people were not mere fauna and flora upon the plains of Australia but active agents in its care, nurture and agricultural productivity. Lyn has had to shoulder the burden while I dash about the continent, but here I was on Sunday, at it again. I flew into Hobart but, selfishly, I had added a couple of extra days to the itinerary so I could follow family and culture on the north coast. Chris Gallagher of…

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September Monthly Blogger – Bruce Pascoe!

Many thanks to Tara June Winch for her excellent posts. This month our blogger is Bruce Pascoe. Bruce, a Bunurong man, is a member of the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative of southern Victoria, and an awarding winning Australian writer, editor, and anthologist. Bruce published and edited Australian Short Stories magazine 1982-1999, was the winner of the Prime Minister’s Literature Award for Young Adult fiction (Fog, a dox) 2013, recipient of the Australian Literature Award 1999, the Radio National Short Story 1998, and the FAW Short Story 2010. Bruce’s publications include: Night Animals, Shark, Ocean, Bloke, Cape Otway, Convincing Ground, Little Red Yellow and…

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