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Judgement Day

by Justin Clemens I’m not down on literary festivals, as some readers of my previous post seemed to think. On the contrary, I love them — although that doesn’t mean I don’t think their current excrescent phosphorescence has something suspicious about it. Love is a funny word, a complex feeling, and an intense, involved process, and I’ve never really understood why, when whatever love is is in question, anybody should stop questioning either the love or its nominal object. In fact, I’d suggest that love without self-questioning barely deserves the name of love at all. If sometimes you go too…

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Long Paddock for Southerly 72.1: Mid-century Women Writers

Southerly 72.1 is available to purchase here. This link will take you to our old GumRoad storefront (an external site). Remaining issues will be moved to our own site, here, soon. POETRY Susan Adams, The Donation Didier Coste, Anonymous of troy SHORT FICTION Nicola Themistes, Hierology REVIEWS Michelle Borzi on Peter Steele, The Gossip and the Wine and Dan Disney, and then when the Joseph Cummins on Alex Miller, Autumn Laing Laura Joseph on Amy T Matthews, End of the Night Girl Emma Wortley on S. D. Gentill, Chasing Odysseus Andrew J. Carruthers on Catherine Vidler, Furious Triangle Heather Taylor…

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