Long Paddock for Southerly 72.1: Mid-century Women Writers

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Susan Adams, The Donation
Didier Coste, Anonymous of troy


Nicola Themistes, Hierology


Michelle Borzi on Peter Steele, The Gossip and the Wine and Dan Disney, and then when the
Joseph Cummins on Alex Miller, Autumn Laing
Laura Joseph on Amy T Matthews, End of the Night Girl
Emma Wortley on S. D. Gentill, Chasing Odysseus
Andrew J. Carruthers on Catherine Vidler, Furious Triangle
Heather Taylor Johnson on Bruce Dawe, Slo-Mo Tsunami and Other Poems
Sarah Holland-Batt on Claire Potter, Swallow and Cameron Lowe, Porch Music
Corey Wakeling on Thirty Australian Poets edited by Felicity Plunkett
Sam Moningie on Ken Bolton, Sly Mongoose


*These items are indexed in Southerly 72.1 but have not been located. They may have been lost when our site went down in 2021. We are endeavouring to relocate missing files and return them to where they belong. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a copy you previously downloaded from Southerly.

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