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Long Paddock for Southerly 74.1: Australian Dreams 1

A country where ‘it’s ok to be a bigot’. A country of refugees, refusing asylum. A country violating human rights, ignoring the pleas of the United Nations. A country ‘open for business’, with its trees, its coal, its uranium on the counter, its Reef and World Heritage areas on the line. How are your dreams of Australia going? Essays on the state of higher education, on ethnic minority, on the politics of fear; brilliant new work from major and emerging Australian writers; a troublesome feast of poetry, fiction, ideas and revelations, not all of them guaranteed to produce a good…

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Long Paddock for Southerly 74.3 Australian Dreams 2

ESSAYS AND MEMOIR Roberta Lowing, ‘After the Dream, the Awakening: 100 Years of Australian Celluloid Aspirations’ Donna Ward, ‘An Inch at a Time’ POETRY a.j. carruthers, ‘Axis’ Michael Farrell, ‘Some Problems With The Page As Terra Nullius’ Toby Fitch, ‘Villboard’ Mudrooroo Nyoongah, ‘Why Whatever Sadness’ FICTION Maureen Cashman, ‘The Amber Bird’ Michael Crane, ‘The Seven Days of Anna’ Melanie Kinsman, ‘Sucker’ Soren Tae Smith, ‘Wandjina’ REVIEWS Shaun Bell, of Kenneth Mackenzie, The Young Desire It Alison Broinowski, of Sheng Keyi, Death Fugue (trans. Shelly Bryant) Margaret Bradstock, of Sarah Day, Tempo and John Upton, Embracing the Razor Jessica Brooks, of Vanessa…

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