Tag: The Lives of Others

My Spine, Your Pillow

Daniel John Pilkington When the sun sets and everything is cellophane Exquisite adjectives Velleity Thoughts that make us feel younger Names for stray cats Dumplings Psilocybin The significance of hair The heating should be more than quiet A hierarchy of self-contradictions When a man lives alone The most common dreams Humidities Theories of why we laugh Artifacts we dare to call natural My favourite apocalypse Plums Things once thought to be aphrodisiacs Things that suggest hidden worlds Possible bookmarks Hypocrisies Numbing things Once when I understood my anger When I was the first to leave and the last to arrive…

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Call For Papers: ‘The Lives of Others: Trans-generational Negotiations.’

‘Doesn’t a breath of the air that pervaded earlier days caress us as well? In the voices we hear, isn’t there an echo of now silent ones? . . . If so, then there is a secret agreement between past generations and the present one. Then our coming was expected on earth.’ (Walter Benjamin) What does it mean to be in secret agreement with people and places that came before? To recognize that coming after is a matter not just of influence, but also the taking on of certain obligations—for example, to return, to pay tribute, to make amends, to…

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