My Spine, Your Pillow

Daniel John Pilkington

When the sun sets and everything is cellophane

Exquisite adjectives


Thoughts that make us feel younger

Names for stray cats



The significance of hair

The heating should be more than quiet

A hierarchy of self-contradictions

When a man lives alone

The most common dreams


Theories of why we laugh

Artifacts we dare to call natural

My favourite apocalypse


Things once thought to be aphrodisiacs

Things that suggest hidden worlds

Possible bookmarks


Numbing things

Once when I understood my anger

When I was the first to leave and the last to arrive


Conspicuous absences

Circular stairs

The solitudes of correspondence

New years

I remember a strange warmth

Coming out of retreat

Long distance strategies

Stringed instruments

Things you wouldn’t expect to float

Things that would be mirrors


Perfect replies

When we vindicate didacticism

The most beautiful buildings in the world

Magnanimous people

Near death experiences

Grounding things

Things that fill me with voices

Things to approach indirectly



Fashionable assumptions

The archetypal tree

Everything I know in reference to metaphor


Invisible deities

Paradoxes of time travel

Things that can only be obtained by virtue of a request

Birds that eat snakes

The generosity of gratitude


Daniel John Pilkington is a poet from Melbourne. He is currently a PhD student in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne. His poems have appeared in Meanjin, Island Magazine, Cordite Poetry Review, foam:e, and otoliths.