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Reading Secondhand: Susan Hampton at Sappho Books

by Ali Jane Smith The walk from Sydney’s Central Station along Broadway to Glebe Point Road did not have a lilting, iambic rhythm. It was a prog rock experience, a march through a tunnel, a stroll along the footpath, a scurry across a road that inexplicably lacked a pedestrian crossing, more footpath, more scrambling with or against the lights until the corner is turned, and Glebe Point Road achieved. Here, the traffic ambled, no-one was trying to make time. Here, there were cafes and restaurants, the famous Gleebooks, site of many deeply pleasurable browsing hours, and Sappho Books, a secondhand…

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Misanthropology: foreword to a speculative study of disgust for the Age of the Anthropocene

by Corey Wakeling here is how to loot a grocery store here is how to levitate the Pentagon. Sappho Sappho Sappho not by chanting. Joshua Clover and Juliana Spahr, #Misanthropocene (found here: http://communeeditions.com/misanthropocene/) Unlike works of conceptual writing that one way or another reiterate Anthropocene triumph – gladly in 2015 we saw those bIand glorifications of a capitalist view of technology, information, and the body under the name of “Conceptual Writing” called out for the garbage accrued – poetic projects which have foregrounded the conceptual using new media in the second decade of the twenty-first century in a broader sense…

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Toby Fitch’s New Adventures

The most excellent Toby Fitch has been Southerly’s Poetry Reviews Editor for the past five years. He’s commissioned, edited, and organised all the poetry reviews you read in the journal and online. But now, Toby is off on new adventures. He will begin as Poetry Editor at Overland Journal, taking over from Peter Minter, in 2016. He will also help judge Overland’s Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New and Emerging Poets. We’ve loved him, we’ll miss him, and we wish him all the best. Thank you, Toby!  

See Southerly editors Kate Lilley and Toby Fitch at the Apoetic Poetry Festival!

On Saturday June 29th, Kate Lilley and Toby Fitch will be speaking at the Apoetic Poetry Festival at the NSW Writers Centre. Curated by esteemed poet and recent Southerly blogger Peter Minter, it will also include southerly editors and blogger Ali Cobby Eckermann and Lionel Fogerty, and regular Southerly bloggers and contributors such as Corey Wakeling, Michael Farrell, Stuart Cooke, Ann Vickery, and Kerry Reed-Gilbert, as well as Kate Fagan, Astrid Lorange, and others. Please check the NSW Writers Centre site for further information

Southerly at the Sydney Writers’ Festival!

As well as being an editor of Southerly, David Brooks is a novelist, poet, and academic. You can see him speak at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, which is held from May 18th to 26th. Make sure you check out ‘Poetry in the Caves‘, as he hosts a poetry reading in Jenolan Caves. David will also be speaking on the following panels, The Ivanhoe Hotel: Australian Creativity with Stephen Gale Philosophy and Writing with Scarlett Thomas, Damon Young and Joe Gelonesi What the Classics Teach Us with Robert Greene, Richard Gill and Alastair Blanshard You can also see Toby Fitch, our Poetry Reviews Editor,…

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