Vale Martin Harrison

Martin Harrison was an esteemed Australian poet, teacher, and, as with many, friend and colleague of the Southerly editorial team. In his memory, we would like to post a recent poem published in Southerly.

Editor David Brooks says:

Martin was a fine poet, a fine critic, a valued colleague, and every bit as much as these a good and empathetic person. Much as I admired him and appreciated his company when I could get it, I never saw enough of him. I will miss him. Australian Literature is the poorer for his loss.

Editor Elizabeth McMahon says:

Australian Literature gained so much from the precision, erudition and generosity of Martin’s writing across both critical and creative modes. His friends, colleagues and students gained more besides. Southerly pays tribute to the man and the writer. He will be sorely missed.

Harrison’s poem About Bats appeared in issue 69.3. We hope you enjoy it.


Vale Martin Harrison.

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Photo credit Sydney Morning Herald online September 8 2014

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