August monthly blogger – Mark Tredinnick!

A huge thanks to Fiona Wright for her excellent and insightful posts.

This month, our guest blogger is Mark Tredinnick. His bio is below:

Mark Tredinnick is a celebrated poet, nature writer, essayist, and writing teacher. The winner in 2011 of the Montreal Poetry Prize and in 2012 of the Cardiff Poetry Prize, Mark is the author of Fire Diary, The Blue Plateau, The Little Red Writing Book, The Road South, and eight other works of poetry and prose.

His other honours include two premier’s literary awards, the Blake and the Newcastle Poetry Prizes, and the Calibre Essay Prize. Mark is the editor of Australian Love Poems 2013 (Inkerman & Blunt, August 2013). His own second collection of poems, Bluewren Cantos, will be out in November 2013 (Pitt Street Poetry); he is at work on a third collection of poems and a memoir, Reading Slowly at the End of Time.

M Tredinnick photoMark Tredinnick is one of our great poets of place—not just of geographic place, but of the spiritual and moral landscapes as well … a Whitmanesque Emily Dickinson.

—Judy Beveridge

He makes the landscape…flame and sing

—Sinéad Morrissey

Tredinnick has a tenderly erotic way of taking things. Every poem is a love poem

—Philip Gross