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Chapter 5 of ‘The Or Tree’

Toby Fitch i i The great cloud which hung only over the century buffeted, blustering long consequences beneath its shadow climate. Girt about with discoloured purples, oranges and reds, the white of the snow enemies was muddied. Outside, in unparalleled profusion, L no garden lacked a maze — evergreen rioted in the dank fertility show, innumerable leaves creaked and glistened. From a damp bonfire at the end of the earth, rampant cucumbers came scrolloping and giant cauliflowers disordered the imagination i of special tinted clouds that turned and tumbled like whales or elephants, a thousand escaping the whole sky as…

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Long Paddock Teaser!

The next issue of Southerly, our much anticipated India-Australia issue, is due in March. But we hate to keep you waiting any longer, so we have for you a Long Paddock teaser! Part of the Long Paddock, our free online component, is going up today to give you a taste of the fabulous bumper issue to come. We have stories, poems, reviews and essays – and that’s just for starters! More content will go up when the issue comes out. So check out the Long Paddock, and let us know what you think! Cheers, Tessa