Long Paddock Teaser!

The next issue of Southerly, our much anticipated India-Australia issue, is due in March. But we hate to keep you waiting any longer, so we have for you a Long Paddock teaser! Part of the Long Paddock, our free online component, is going up today to give you a taste of the fabulous bumper issue to come. We have stories, poems, reviews and essays – and that’s just for starters! More content will go up when the issue comes out. So check out the Long Paddock, and let us know what you think!



1 thought on “Long Paddock Teaser!

  1. It was a pleasure to dip into the teaser. The poems by Judith Beveridge and Richard Deutch particularly gave me a pleasure that lasted beyond the reading, and I’d love to hope that I can savour them again and again until I am eventually glutted and purring happily.

    Please thank them both from me.

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