Long Paddock for Southerly 71.3: A Nest of Bunyips

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Rae Desmond Jones, Ash Wednesday
Stuart Barnes, Cocoon
Andrew Burke, “The birds are still in flight . . . ”
Liam Byrne, soviet kitsch
Peter Dawncy, ruins
Michael Farrell, Telephone
Liam Ferney, NC-17
Ian Gibbins, Dr Korsakoff and Colleagues Report
Philip Hammial, Dear Sisters and Brothers
D.J. Huppatz, Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angels
Greg McLaren, The rusting land . . . , from Broken
Ng Mei-kwan, Rainstorm (trans. Bonnie S. McDougall)
Brenda Saunders, Looking for Bulin Bulin
Tegan Schetrumpf, The Cotton Mill
Barnaby Smith, Imbalance
Corey Wakeling, The Vault


Annabel Duckworth-Smith, The Trick with the Hat and the Dove
Mark O’Flynn, The Isthmus
Sue Woolfe, To Kill or to Hit, extract from a work in progress


Pam Brown on Louis Armand, Letters from Ausland
Melinda Bufton on Best Australian Poems 2011, ed. John Tranter
Elizabeth Campbell on Mal McKimmie, The Brokenness Sonnets I-III
Gerald Keaney on Luke Davies, Interferon Psalms
Tom Lee on Astrid Lorange, Eating and Speaking
Corey Wakeling on Duncan Hose, One Under Bacchus
Petra White on Fiona Wright, Knuckled, and Libby Hart, This Floating World


Laurie Duggan, with Fiona Scotney, 17 December 2010


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