Long Paddock for Southerly 76.2: Writing Disability

This intriguing issue presents essays, memoir and creative work by disabled and non-disabled writers on the subjects of disability and of the interrelation of writing and disability.

Blind writer and critic Amanda Tink discusses the impact of Henry Lawson’s deafness on his style and created world. Ben Stubbs walks the streets of Adelaide blindfolded to learn more of the sightless city. Deaf author Jessica White discusses the deafness of Maud Praed. Josephine Taylor writes an incisive essay on Vulvodynia.

There are discussions of visible and invisible disabilities, of the poetics of disability, of disability and silence, of little known or largely unrecognised disabilities, and of the difficulties confronting discussion of disability in the first place. There is also Southerly’s usual feast of reviews and recent Australian and New Zealand writing, including striking new works by Anthony Mannix, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Peter Boyle, Koraly Dimitriadis and many others.


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Michael Crane: “Not Quite Bukowski”
Rebecca Sullivan: “Max in three words”
Heather Taylor-Johnson: “A Month of Fine”


Stuart Barnes: “Double Acrostic”
Peter Boyle: “Of blindness and God’s immediacy”
Phillip Hall: “Inheritance”
Kit Kavanagh-Ryan: “stitch sonnets”
Anthony Mannix: “A strange dream about water”
πο: “Miss Higgens”*
India Breen: “Epilem Blues,” “Here I Am”


Stephen Orr: “The Shack”
Aaron Peysack: “Living”
Lara S. Williams: “Caring”


Melinda Bufton of Autumn Royal, She Woke & Rose
Allison Gallagher of joanne burns, brush
Autumn Royal of Tamryn Bennett, phosphene

*NB: πο’s “Miss Higgens” appears in Southerly 76.3, rather than in this issue of Long Paddock.

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