Poetry Titillations Part 2

Toby Fitch

Here are some more forthcoming Australian poetry titles to get into a state about. It’s difficult to be comprehensive when compiling a list about the future, especially when that future is poetic, and extra-especially given that poetry publishers, thankfully, aren’t as media-hungry as politicians. So, there are more books in the works without titles or funding yet, but they’ll be a nice surprise when they flash us later in the year.

NB: If any publishers want to add to this list, feel free to contact me or use the comments field below.

Australian Poetry:
Mathew Abbott — wild inaudible
Eileen Chong — Burning Rice

Blemish Books:
Three authors (yet to be decided) — Triptych Poets: Issue 3

Clouds of Magellan:
Anthony Lynch — Night Train

Ginninderra Press:
Jude Aquilina & Joan Fenney — Thread Me a Button
Derek Baines — A Most Urgent Task
Kate Bristow — On the Shores of the Imagination
Jean Frances — Where She Lives
Dominic Kirwan — Where Words Go When They Die
Elizabeth Lane — Walking the Black Dog
Susan McCreery — Waiting for the Southerly
Adele Ogier Jones — From the Edge of the Pacific
Ioana Petrescu — Persuading Plato
Karen Throssell — Chain of Hearts
Helen Wilson — Crosswind from the South-east
Bozena Zawisz — Neither Innocent Nor Guilty

Giramondo Publishing:
Alan Wearne — Cabin Crew, Prepare the Cabin for Landing

Grand Parade Poets:
Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne — Domestic Archaeology
Rachael Munro — Indigo Morning

Mulla Mulla Press:
Scott-Patrick Mitchell — the rutting season

Papertiger Media:
Keri Glastonbury — grit salute

Picaro Press:
Mark O’Flynn — Untested Cures
Kent MacCarter — Ribosome Spreadsheet
Garth Madsen — Frankston for Beginners
Carmel Williams — The Butcher’s Window
Cecilia White — TBD
Lucy Dougan — On the Circumvesuviana

Spinifex Press:
Suniti Namjoshi — The Monkey and the Crocodiles

Transit Lounge:
Ouyang Yu — Self Translation (Chinese and English)

Walleah Press:
Andrew Burke — Undercover of Lightness: New and Selected
Jill Jones — Ash is Here, So are Stars

Whitmore Press:
Jo Langdon – Snowline (Chapbook)
B R Dionysius – Bowra
Graeme Kinross-Smith – Available Light

5 thoughts on “Poetry Titillations Part 2

  1. and forthcoming from TEXT Publishing:

    John Clarke — The Even More Complete Book of Australian Verse

  2. It’s great to see an online list of upcoming collections. I’ve NEVER seen something this extensive, not even in the broadsheets at the beginning of each year. Thanks Toby.

    I’m hoping I might be one of the 3 Triptych Poets mentioned. I mailed off my poems for consideration a week ago.

    Lorne Johnson

  3. And these from Black Rider Press:

    ” / ” — forward slash is a Black Rider collage of Australian and Canadian innovation. The journal features suites by Duncan Hose, Michael Farrell, a.rawlings, Louis Armand, Kemeny Babineau, Astrid Lorange and Jay MillAr.

    Michael Farrell — enjambment sisters present (Black Rider presents Lyrics #4)

    Matthew Hall — Royal Jelly (hand-bound limited edition)

    Matthew Hall — Hyaline

    With more chapbooks in the latter half of the year coming from Ali Alizadeh and Jill Jones, among others.

  4. And just coming out from a small UK press, a young Australian poet:

    Jeremy Balius — Wherein? He Asks of Memory

  5. This is a great space! thanks Toby and thank you Picaro Press for releasing my chapbook titled

    n thing is set in st ne


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