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What’s my name?

by Sunil Badami When I was younger, I was so thrilled by the idea of seeing my by-line in print, nothing else mattered. As I’ve gotten older, how I wish I’d had the foresight, like my idol, Eric Blair, to get a pen name! Why, especially in this age of celebrity, where children’s greatest ambition now seems not to be a doctor or even an actor, but just to be, like the Kardashians, simply famous, would I want a pen name? Not even actors bother with stage names now. Pseudonyms have existed as long as literature has: what other vocation…

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Who am I? My Life as a Writer

by Sunil Badami Who am I? Reading the excellent, eloquent, engaging entries on this blog before me by much better writers and performers, you’d be forgiven for asking the question. I’m always surprised when people recognise me and my work; the most common response when I admit I’m a writer is ‘have I read anything you’ve written?’—which, I suppose, is a question that answers itself, much like asking a bouncer turfing you out of a nightclub ‘do you know who I am??’ For years, I never actually said I was a writer; given how little I actually wrote in comparison…

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February blogger – Sunil Badami!

A huge thanks to Sulari Gentill for her excellent posts. This month our blogger is Sunil Badami. His bio is below. Sunil Badami is a writer, performer and broadcaster. He has written for publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend, The Australian, The Monthly, The New Daily, The Australian Literary Review, Australian Gourmet Traveller, Southerly, Island and Meanjin. His work has been published in Australia and overseas, including in The UTS Writers’ Anthology, Goldfish: The Best Writing of the Last Five Years, Best Australian Stories and Best Australian Essays. He has appeared on stage at the Sydney and Melbourne…

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