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Agreeable book reviewing is a dangerous, vapid “epidemic of niceness”

Words || Jack Cameron Stanton  Over the weekend I visited my parent’s house for brunch with the Lebanese side of the family, and in order to cater for political differences I strolled to the service station and purchased The Weekend Australian and Sydney Morning Herald. Over a breakfast of fresh manoush and lahembajin, the Lebs scoffed at two wildly different headlines—‘SCOMO LEADS A NEW GENERATION’ vs ‘MORRISON SNATCHES TOP JOB’ (I’m sure you can guess which is which)—while I slid out the review sections of each paper to examine them. The Weekend Australian offered six pages of substantial book reviews,…

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A world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning: the seduction of augmented reality

Words || Jack Cameron Stanton “It’s possible that our further abandonment of reality for simulation is creating a new degree of integration in which the realness of reality is not only elusive but altogether unattainable.” Already we live in a digital age where competing versions of reality are trying to seduce us. The time for apocalyptic fires to rain from the sky has come and gone, and our world has fused ineluctably with simulations of reality. To write this blog post I interviewed a friend of mine who works at an augmented reality firm in Silicon Valley, who didn’t want…

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