Coetzee, Costco and Excess: Writing about Eating Animals

The meat was too many colours, purple and brown and white with fat; it was too large, whole sides of

Passive Words

The Acknowledgement of Country can feel like an empty gesture. The practice is supposed to show respect for the traditional

Championing diversity and inclusivity in the Arts isn’t always about feeling good

Everyone wants to champion change when it’s fronted by a group of sexy young people sipping on soft drink cans,

Being Carried

And then, I remember, I groped for one of the books by my side. When it came into vision, I

The Green Country

I’m travelling in England, a place I’ve never before been – I’ve kept mostly, in the past, to places that

On Poetry and Essays

I’ve always –at least, since I started writing essays, about seven years ago – believed that the essay form has

On Not Writing a Book

Every time I finish writing a book a very specific dread descends upon me. Every time I finish writing a

Stuck in Honey: Disintegration by The Cure, live-streamed from the Sydney Opera House

Tonight, The Cure performed at the Sydney Opera House. I did not get to go. Instead, like most of my

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