The Good Doctor

When he asked about work, I told him I was a writer. ‘Ah ye-as,’ he said, and I took this

The Ghosts of Eleanor Dark

I was raised in a house where inconspicuous wards were placed in every room to protect us against the threat

Keep Going, Get Better || Luke Carman

Like most authors, I do almost anything for money, but the thought of engaging with a bunch of young people

Rethinking Voss || Jonathan Dunk

To summarize violently: the transcendent, essentialist reading of White does him a great disservice. There is no meaningful opposition between

Theses on Colonial Antinomy || Jonathan Dunk

Aboriginal writing is different. Not in any innate primitivist sense, it’s just doing different things, following different rules and patterns

Dodge Rose: Heretical Modernism by Jonathan Dunk

It’s been ubiquitously noted that the publication of Jack Cox’s Dodge Rose in 2016 bucked a number of Auslit publication

Neurological Illness in Australian Fiction

I don’t read fiction about illness much. I know that’s not what you expected, as it goes directly against the

Distilling Illness in ‘Shaping the Fractured Self’

Words || Katerina Bryant  “Sometimes pus, sometimes a poem… but always pain.” —Yehuda Amichai, as quoted in Shaping the Fractured

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